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The Misventure

You wake up in the candle shack. Itís dimly lit, not surprisingly; by candles. You wonder vaguely how you got here, but itís not the first time youíve woken up some random place in the town with no memory of how you got there. You stand up and look at yourself; you appear unscathed, though there are spots on your pants that look suspiciously like blood.
You try to open the door, itís blocked by something. You shove it hard, the room shakes, but the door budges. You shove it again, opening it far enough to see out. You see what is blocking the door, itís a bloody body. You look at the floor and notice blood around the door; your eyes were finally adjusting to the light. You shove the door again, though feeling guilty for pushing the body. The room rattles and you hear a clanking sound as a few candles fall. You ignore it and continue to push through.
You finally get the door open and look around. Itís dark and quiet. You donít see any movement. You kneel down to examine the body, itís dead as you suspected. You recognize the man; heís the one who owns the candle shack. His throat is slashed, the blood is fresh, this gives you an eerie feeling.

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